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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why choose All In Casino Events?


All In Casino Events is an accredited ( A rated ) member of The Better Business Bureau of Ohio and a ( 2 time ) winner of Best of Columbus ( Theme Party Service ) awards program. We are a proud to be a “Professional Theme Party Service” that brings 27 years of experience to every event we are involved with. Because our low overhead, we can in most cases meet or beat any of our competitor’s quotes. Whether doing a corporate mixer, a charity fundraiser or a private party, we operate with a calmness about us that can only come with experience. We know what works and what does not work. Our equipment is brand new, and our well groomed employees have years of experience. Our casinos are normally 2 hours of just the right mix of energy and high stakes casino action and will leave your guests completely satisfied (Please see our Testimonial Page). We are proud of our company and what we do, and if you give us a call, we’ll let you know when and where our next casino is, so you can come by and check us out! We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and help you plan an event unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

Hope to see you at the tables!

Rick Kellermeyer
President & Owner

Q. Our function is being held in another city or state other than Columbus Ohio. Can All In Casino Events still provide all we need to do our event?

A. Yes, we travel all the time. Our truck is always packed and ready to go. Although we consider Ohio our playground and where we do most of our business, we also cover it’s surrounding states as well.

Q. Can we use our own volunteers to run the games at our event?

A. Yes, we encourage it. You can use your own volunteers, all of our dealers or mix it up and use both. Including your own volunteers in your event is a great way to save money when trying to cover costs or raise money for a charity. We will be happy to provide a training class 1 hour before the casino at NO CHARGE!

Q. Is tipping allowed?

A. Absolutely! We consider tipping the highest form of a compliment we and our dealers can receive. Clients can include tips in their balance check, a separate check or even cash. Many times our dealers receive tips from the guests right there at their table because of the excellent evening of entertainment they have provided.

Q. We are a charity organization and would like to hold a fundraiser, can you help?

A Yes, we specialize in fundraising events and can provide you with many ideas you can use to not only raise money for your charity, but to also help you fund the event. Please see our sponsors or Texas Hold’em sections for more information.

Q. Do you have enough equipment to hold a 100 player Texas Hold’em tournament?

A. Yes! We have the finest Texas Hold’em tables and supplies in the industry. And yes, we can provide everything you need to host your own tournament. Visit our Texas Hold’em site for complete details including the Ohio gaming laws link.

Q. Do you rent gaming equipment and accessories?

A. We can rent just about any equipment or gaming pieces you need or desire! Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss and answer all your questions and tell you how we can help you!

How It Works

Casino theme nights make great corporate mixers, private parties or fundraisers and we always take the time to talk with you or meet with you in person to discuss the best way to plan your specific event. After discussing your event with you and getting a feel for what you needs will be, we will then suggest the proper gaming and decorations you will need to host a successful event. We will then email you a quote with all the details for you to look over. A typical casino event for 125 to 150 guests consists of six Blackjack tables, a Casino War table, a Texas Hold’em Poker table, a Roulette table, a Craps table, a Beat the Dealer Dice table, a Wheel of Fortune, Slot Machines, a Cash Cage, plus all the Decorations and Accessories needed to give it that casino look and feel.

Our casinos NEVER use real money, your guests will start with a $10,000 voucher (shown above) which they can exchange at the gaming table of their choice for chips or casino money. At the end of the evening, they can go to any gaming table to exchange their casino money, vouchers, and markers for raffle tickets. These raffle tickets are then deposited into a Brass Drum or specific Baskets at the prize table. The raffle then follows.

Our goal at All In Casino Events is to keep you and your guests entertained, and to make your event as fun and exciting as possible, regardless of it’s size. We spare no detail in making the casino as authentic as possible. For details on what we provide, check out our Games, Decorations, and Extras sections from the menu above. Also, check out our sample schedule to see how it all comes together.

Sample Schedule

(based on a 8pm casino start)

Below is an example of how an All In Casino Event comes together!

1:00 – 5:00

We arrive at the host facility and set-up all games, equipment and decorations. The games are made ready by banking them with mock paper money and/or chips. The Cashier’s Cage is funded with enough paper money for your group and the casino is ready for action.

If volunteers are provided – usually 1 hour before the casino starts

We completely train your volunteers to deal blackjack, run the wheel of fortune or work the cash cage. We provide the pit boss and all other dealers. Your volunteer dealers will have a great time as a “casino employees” during the evening!

6:00 – 8:00

This time is often used for dinner, cocktails or special meetings. Many times they will request that one of our staff give a brief warm-up speech at the end of this session and distribute the money packets to the guest right at their tables.

8:00 – 10:00

It’s game time! The casino opens! Each guest collects his packet or packets of mock money at the cashier’s cage (if the money was not distributed at the end of the meal or during the warm-up session) and enters the casino area. Players then try their hand at different casino games throughout the evening.

10:00 – 10:30

Your guests will then exchange their money and vouchers at the cash cage or one of the gaming tables for raffle tickets.


Drawing: Your guests gather around the prize table for an exciting drawing. This is an exciting ending to a great night. Your guests will use their raffle tickets to win prizes. You can use our brass drum or put a drawing box out for each prize. We can provide you with ideas and suggestions for your prize table.

Auction: All players cash out at the end of the event and receive a total cash marker. The guests use this marker to bid on prizes.


During the drawing or auction, we quietly break down all equipment. We leave the area where the casino event was held as we found it. We are especially careful to not mare or use nails to damage the wall coverings.

Game sponsorship can pay for your event

Ticket sales and sponsors are critical when trying to raise money for fundraisers or charities and usually a committee is formed to solicit donations or sponsorships from various business or private parties. If successful, you can completely cover your costs for the evening’s event and also raise thousands of dollars for your charity along the way. Other great ways to raise and save money for your event is to have a 50/50 drawing and a silent auction, and providing volunteers to deal at the various tables can make a huge difference with labor costs.

Many time corporate clients having events will invite their suppliers or business associates to attend the event and sponsor a gaming table at the event. The event might be a Christmas party, a sales meeting or an employee appreciation night. Frequently vendors who do business with the association’s membership will jump at the opportunity to gain valuable exposure via game sponsorship. These sponsors are usually given first the option of actually staffing their sponsored game as a volunteer dealer. We provide the training for free for any volunteers being used for the evening.

All sponsors are properly acknowledged during the casino night’s event. A large sign with the sponsor’s name on it should be placed at the entrance and a table tent with the sponsor’s name is placed on each sponsored game table. If flyers or brochures are printed for the evenings event, the sponsors should all be acknowledged in these printed items. The sponsor(s) should have their names announced on the P.A. system multiple times during the event.


Texas Hold’em – Tournaments and Equipment

The Texas Hold’em craze is sweeping the nation, and we have everything you need to host a Texas Hold’em Tournament or fundraiser of your own.

Q. What do I need to do to host a tournament of my own?

A. First, if you are a 501 C3 charity holder, please call us to discuss what we can do within the Ohio Law (or state law where event will be held) to help you. If it is a private party, corporate mixer, or other event, we have many options available to help you make your tournament a great event! All you need to do is provide a location large enough to hold the number of tables and guests you wish to invite, along with all the chairs you will need.

We will provide everything else with delivery and set-up.

What you get:

Up to 10 green felt covered poker tables, each measuring 83″x44″
11.5 gram casino quality suited clay chips
Dealer buttons
Decks of cards
Laptop computer with tournament programming
Cut cards
Table tents
Blind chart
Wall poster indicating the dollar value of each color of chip
2 side tables with chips for cash games

How do I get the ball rolling?

Call RICK at 614-937-5005 for any questions or to request a quote, or use our Get a Quote Form for more information. We will help you determine how much equipment you need, and provide a quote tailored to your specific tournament.

What else should I know?

Each of our Hold’em tables seats up to 10 players, allowing tournaments as large as 100 players at a time! Not only do we provide rental equipment, we also sell all of the same poker equipment we use, everything from tables and chip sets, to complete tournament packages. Give us a call today to request a quote or place an order!

*Please let us know if you will need professional dealers when you request your quote. Professional dealers are only needed if you do not wish to have the players deal themselves.