Texas Hold’em – Tournaments and Equipment

Our newest feature! The Texas Hold’em craze is sweeping the nation, and we have everything you need to have a Hold’em Tournament of your own.

What do I need to do to have a tournament of my own?

First, if you are a 501 C3 charity holder, please call us to discuss what we can do within the Ohio Law (or state law where event will be held) to help you. If it is a private party, corporate mixer, or other event, we have many options available to help you make your Tournament a great event! All you need to do is provide a location large enough to hold the number of tables and guests you wish, along with all the chairs you will need.

We deliver to your location and can help set-up everything else you need, including:

  • Up to 10 green felt Poker Tables, each measuring 83″x44″
  • 11.5 gram suited clay chips
  • Dealer Buttons
  • Authentic Las Vegas Casino dealing cards
  • Laptop Computer with Tournament Programming
  • Cut Cards
  • Table Tents
  • A Blind Chart
  • A wall poster indicating the dollar value of each color of chip
  • Side chips for cash games
  • Professional Dealers*

How do I get the ball rolling?

Call RICK at 614-937-5005 for any questions or to request a quote, or use our Get a Quote Form for more information. We will help you determine how much equipment you need, and provide a quote tailored to your specific tournament.

What else should I know?

Each of our Hold’em tables seats up to 10 players, allowing tournaments as large as 100 players at a time! Not only do we provide rental equipment, we also sell all of the same poker equipment we use, everything from tables and chip sets, to complete tournament packages. Give us a call today to request a quote or place an order!

*Please let us know if you will need professional dealers when you request your quote. Professional dealers are only needed if you do not wish to have the players deal themselves.